Lawrence Epps is an artist exploring the collective attribution of value to objects processes and people.

Often Epps' work uses industrial extrusion – a process which requires relentless and repetitive pressure to force material through a mould - to metaphorically mirror many of his ideas about corporate pressure and workplace conformity. He uses this process together with the low status, dirty and tactile material of clay to create sculptures and installations which are often formed from masses of smaller elements echoing the scale of the globalised society in which we live. It is England’s considerable industrial ceramic heritage – with its once endless production lines, highly specialised technology and remarkable output that contributes to many of his ideas regarding process and finish.

As well as exhibiting in traditional gallery environments, Interventions in public spaces and the dialogue between sculpture and the written word are an important part of Epps' practice. He is a founder member of ambergris editions with the artist Lisa Wilkens and in 2015 he edited the book
the very last time together with the poet Holly Corfield Carr to accompany the installation AGAIN. Epps is also a member of the Sykey Art Collective - a group making public statements through art and has been responsible for over 14,000 ceramic sculptures placed across the cities of London, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent in large scale participatory art events.


Museum Jorn, Denmark

2017 States of Play
The Humber Street Gallery, Hull

2016 Big Ceramics
Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2015 Wysing Arts Centre at the Sunday Art Fair
P3 Ambika, London

The British Ceramics Biennial
Disused Spode Factory, Stoke-on-Trent

2015 Again / the very last time
Firstsite, Colchester

2015 fig-2
ICA, London

2015 ESP Variety Show XIII
Aid and Abet, Cambridge

2015 The Variety Show
Primary, Nottingham

2015 Occupation
Firstsite, Colchester

2014 Demolition
Aid & Abet, Cambridge

2014 The Shit Job Machine
The Front Room, Cambridge

2013 Take Stock Pavilion at the British Ceramics Biennial
Disused Spode Factory, Stoke-on-Trent

2013 International Ceramics Festival
Aberystwyth Arts Centre

2012 Body Double
Frederick Meijer Sculpture Park, Michigan, United States

2012 Design Week at the V & A
The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

2012 FutureEverything
Museum of Science and Indutry, Manchester

2012 From Tradition to Innovation
CAA Gallery, London

2011 British Ceramics Biennial
Disused Spode Factory, Stoke-On-Trent

2011 Mint Explores
Mint Gallery, London

2011 Replace Fear of the Unknown with Uncertainty
P3 Ambika, London

2010 Unsplit Peak Problems
Royal College of Art Sculpture Department, London

2010 Natural Selection
London Gallery West

2009 Elemental Tales
London Gallery West


8,000 little clay men distributed across the streets of Manchester
2011 6,000 little clay men distributed across London and Stoke-On-Trent

Residencies & Retreats

2015 Firstsite, Colchester
Residency at Firstsite Gallery

2013 British Ceramics Biennial
Residency in association with Ibstock Bricks and Potclays

2013 Wysing Arts Centre
How We Make and How We Might Make Artists' Retreat

2012 European Ceramic Work Centre / Sundaymorning@ekwc
3 month Development Residency

Talks and Lectures

2018 Museum Jorn, Denmark
2015 Firstsite Gallery
2015 Bath Spa University
2013 British Ceramics Biennial in association with the University of Bergen
2013 International Ceramics Festival
2012 Frederick Meijer Sculpture Park
2012 FutureEverything Festival


2011 British Ceramics Biennial Fresh Award


2011 BA (hons) Ceramics , University of Westminster


2016 Kitchen Foil Print Portfolio
published by ambergris editions

2015 the very last time
A book to accompany the installation AGAIN edited by Lawrence Epps and Holly Corfield Carr to accompany Again and featuring contributions by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Esther Leslie, Viktor Mazin, Joey Connolly, Geoffrey Munn, Tamarin Norwood, Marie Toseland and 2 new translations by Anna Gunin and Anne Marie-Jackson

2014 Where do you see yourself in twenty-five years?
Wysing Arts Centre

2014 Dreckapotheke
by Holly Corfield Carr

2012 From Tradition to Innovation
Ceramics Research Group

Selected Press


2016 Cfile
Take Stock by Lawrence Epps is a Monument to Menial Office Work

2014 Slate the Disco

2013 Ceramic Review / Material World
Taking Stock Interview

2013 Artists Newsletter
History and Contemporary Practice Collide

2013 CFILE
Lawrence Epps at the British Ceramics Biennial

FutureEverything / Human Resources Microsite

2012 BBC News
Little Clay Men Invade Manchester

2012 Vimeo
Human Resources Interview at the Museum of Science and Industry

2012 Manchester Evening News

2012 BBC Radio Manchester
The Breakfast Show

2011 Crafts Magazine
Pride and the Potteries

2011 The Guardian
British Ceramics Biennial Brings Signs of a Potteries Revival

2011 Ceramics Review
Leaving the Corporate World


Sykey Art Collective
Wysing Arts Centre
Aid & Abet
British Ceramics Biennial
Youtube Channel
Vimeo Channel